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Mail to:
Unit 2, Block B, Technology Incubation Centre,
Samonda, Ibadan,
200284. Nigeria.

Our financing is revolving. When loans are repaid, we start a new enterprise or provide credit to a new community to switch to clean energy. A program related loan creates long-term social and economic benefits for entrepreneurs and their communities. Do you want to loan a social enterprise? Together we can start a new business in Nigeria, offering pay-as-you-go clean energy services to rural customers!

500,000 minimum loan


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Supplying clean energy to the people living without access is one of the largest business opportunities of our time, women and youths are key to unlocking this potential. By investing in people, we focus on building the distribution and service network that meet the challenges faced by our clean energy technology partners. Want to get your products into the Arojin-Sunbox? We’re always looking for new appropriate technology.